Ferrous Metals Recycling

When it comes to metal recycling options, we at premier Core Recycling believe that our solutions are exactly what you’re looking for. We are glad to accept and recycle all forms of materials that consist primarily of ferrous metals and give them new life.
Ferrous metals and alloys are those that contain a significant amount of iron. Carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron and wrought iron are the types of ferrous metals that you have probably been acquainted with at one point or another. These materials are frequently utilized for their strength and durability, so they are often found in construction, tools and hardware, and automobiles.

Another characteristic of ferrous metals is that they are inherently magnetic. This of course means that on a subatomic level, the metal’s electrons are aligned as such to form a field and attract or repel certain substances. That’s why, as a rule of thumb, if the scrapped material you are supplying sticks to a magnet, it will be accepted at Intonu under our ferrous metal recycling program.

The other types of metals we accept are labeled as nonferrous.

Whether the material is an old and obsolete washing machine, structural beams from a demolition project, or new production stamping press scrap metal, our recycling center is well set-up to handle ferrous metals. We can collect and process these materials while guaranteeing that they will be transformed into new, useful products that will help to serve the needs of others. We believe that recycling with Premier Core Recycling on your team is a great way to give back to to others and conserve natural resources, while still getting rid of scrap and putting money back into your wallet.

As always, Premier Core Recycling focuses on the quality of our services and strives for safety and professionalism when working with scrap metal. Any sorting, shredding, separating, or other processes that the materials go through are held up to high standards for efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Choosing a recycling center is often just as important as making the choice to recycle, and you need a company that you can trust to uphold values of integrity, product stewardship, and customer service. We are dedicated to being responsive to your needs, and our retail center is operated by staff members who know that what you are looking for in a visit to our facility is a timely and convenient experience. During our years of operation, Intonu has been intent on setting the industry standard when it comes to relations with suppliers, consumers, and the general public.

If you are a business owner or individual who believes that our recycling services would fit your needs, don’t hesitate to call us today at 941-755-2000 and let the Premier Core Recycling’s team begin strategizing the best recycling solutions for you!

At Premier Core Recycling, we accept scrap loads of various sizes. Although we handle a large variety of ferrous metal products, here is a list of some of the most common items that we encounter:


Lawn Mowers
Heavy Equipment
Steel or Cast Iron Pipes
Hubs and Rotors
Motor Blocks
Structural Plate and Beams
Steel or Cast Iron Turnings
Sheet Iron
Steel Furniture
Wrought Iron

Samples Of Ferrous Metals We Recycle.