Catalytic Converter Recycling

Our purpose at Premier Core Recycling is to delight our customers with our competitive pricing and a profitable, friendly buying experience.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to deciding where to sell your catalytic converters.

We really believe that when you compare our customer care, aggressive pricing and consistent grading of your material to other companies, you will choose us, Premier Core Recycling, as your long-term business partner.

For more information on prices and grading for specific catalytic converters; please email us a picture of your catalytic converter. We will be happy to respond as soon as we can.

Catalytic Converter Grading

Although prices are important when buying your catalytic converters outright, the grading of your catalytic converters is even more important. Any person or any company can put high prices on a piece of paper – but only a reputable company like Premier Core Recycling can grade your catalytic converters correctly every time, ensuring you get the most dollars possible. We take pride in our consistent and transparent grading of your catalytic converters. Please give us a try.

Catalytic Converter Recycling


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