Clean Copper for recycling
Copper for recycling

Nonferrous metals are a broad category, consisting of all metals that are not iron or steel. For example, products that are made primarily of aluminum, copper, brass, tin, carbide, gold, silver, lead, and alloy nickels and steels would be processed in Premier Core Recycling’s nonferrous metal recycling program. As a general rule, the way we test your metals is by magnet; if they stick to the magnet, they are classified as ferrous, and if they do not, they are accepted as nonferrous.

It shouldn’t come as much surprise that, because there are so many different types of nonferrous metals, there are a number products that fall into this category. Many nonferrous metals that we often process are commonly used in daily life, such as aluminum cans, faucets, home fixtures, metal sheets, pots, pans, and car batteries.
Another large portion of these products are often used in different types of industries. For example, restaurants can greatly benefit from having Intonu’s facility at their disposal to recycle their old cooking equipment and grills. This is especially the case because stainless steel is the material of choice when it comes to the composition of commercial fryers, gas ranges, sinks, and food prep tables.
Likewise, pipes, wiring, plumbing valves, and electric motors are a few other products that we at Intonu encounter often, because many businesses and individuals find themselves in frequent need to dispose of excess materials depending on their industry or personal hobbies.

Finding yourself with obsolete or unusable materials is a natural part of running a business— whether those materials are turning scraps consequent of metalworking, used steel-cased batteries from heavy equipment, or anything else— and these materials can collect quickly. Many business owners look at these excess materials the same as they do with the others aspect of their business; if it’s taking up space without being functional, it’s got to go.

Here at Premier Core Recycling, we understand the inherent value of these materials and we want to share the knowledge that metal scraps are anything but non-functional! They can be recycled, transformed into other useful products, and put back on the shelves or in the hands of those who need them.

Unfortunately, many businesses neglect to see the value in their discarded tools, equipment and materials, and instead choose to discard these scraps in wasteful or polluting ways. At Intonu, we are striving to change this! We know that recycling these scraps is the best way to prevent them from taking up space, while being as kind to the environment as possible and helping your bottom line. After all, your scrap has value!

At Premier Core Recycling, our processing and recycling services are held to high standards in terms of both customer service and environmentally sound practices. If you have any nonferrous materials or scraps that you would like to be compensated for recycling, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit or call our number for more information.


Beverage Cans
Sheet, Siding, and Gutters
Pots and Pans
Extrusions/Window Frames
Insulated Wire
Electric Motors


Pipes or Tubing Wire Insulated Wire Sheet, Roofing, and Gutters Transformers Electric Motors Sealed Units


Plumbing Valves Decorative Fixtures Cutting Wire Radiators Rod and Tubing Bullet Shells Turnings

Stainless Steel

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